Sunday, December 6, 2015

Yaffe of National Gold Exchange Headed To Jail For Fraud





Before the bankruptcy, Yaffe had built National Gold Exchanges into one of America’s leading gold coin dealers. He and his wife, Christel Yaffe, bought a mansion in the exclusive Avila neighborhood. Yaffe held galas at his home to benefit St. Joseph’s Hospital and Hillsborough Community College, witnesses said.

But U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney Tim Loper used Yaffe’s wealth to make a point: He didn’t have to steal money from the bank. After Hazzan Jody Sever Lever, pastor at Yaffe’s synagogue, testified about the defendant’s virtues, Loper asked if she knew Yaffe owned Porsche and Mercedes automobiles, two boats and two personal watercraft. Loper also said Yaffe had set up a $7 million trust fund for his family in November 2012, well after the bankruptcy.

“Those were assets he could have used to pay back creditors,” Loper said.

Yaffe is to report to prison on Jan. 8.
Once-wealthy coin dealer sentenced for fraud
TAMPA — Mark Yaffe is a great guy, 21 witnesses said in federal court Friday.


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