Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Broadmoor Room Cutoff for NACBA Member Only Event is Thursday

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys member only workshop is scheduled for this October 28th and 29th in Colorado Springs, and is being held at the historic Broadmoor. I understand that staying at the Broadmoor is an event in itself. There are rooms set aside for the event, at a convention price. The deadline for getting a room at the discounted price is this Thursday, October 6.
For those that show up a day early, like myself, there is a Cog Railway to Pikes Peak. It may be interesting this year, as it looks like there is an early snow in part of the country. It's the beginning of October and Pennsylvania has already seen some snow. If that's the case, just think of what there could be at 14,115 feet. If you do plan to go on the Pikes Peak tour, you are cautioned about altitude sickness. I am from Florida, about 14,114 feet lower than Pikes Peak, and really don't know what I am in for. The highest I have ever been, in a non-pressurized plane, was 12,500 feet, and at that altitude I was becoming woozy.

While the sites might be beautiful, it does look as if we are in for an early winter. Several parts of the country have winter storm warnings today. It is certainly great to get away from the heat, and having to run the air conditioner all day. However, with the early winter comes the necessity of having to heat your home. And with heating your home comes the fuel or electric bills. Although gas prices have recently fallen, the price of diesel is still about the same. Gas prices have fallen .$50 per gallon, while diesel has only fallen about $.08 per gallon.

Even though the economy is still in shambles, the level of bankruptcy filings has fallen off considerably over the past month. With and early winter, we may be looking at a resurgence in filings in order to handle the extra bills that pay check to pay check people have either failed to budget for, or have been unable to budget for. Also, in the past, one has been able to borrow money to get by. Currently, money is extremely tight, and those that used to borrow money may not be able to now. Those that have depended on credit cards to get by over the holidays may find that their paid down card now has a lower credit limit.

Don't forget, the cut off on the room block at the Broadmoor is this Thursday, October 6, 2011.

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