Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Q is For Quick

So, what do I mean by "Quick".  After all, after a bankruptcy consultation, planning for bankruptcy, coming up with the money, filling out the petition, schedules, statement of intentions, statement of financial affairs, and means test, you can finally file.  Oh, don't forget the financial counseling certificate.

Handling all these can be time consuming, and for some, stressful.  So, what does one do when they are in a hurry to get filed in order to prevent things such as wage or bank account garnishment, or eviction order being issued by the court?

Fortunately, the code allows for emergency filings, which I place into the category of quick.  It allows for the filling of a minimal number of documents, with the remaining documents being filed within a specific time frame.  This allows for an automatic stay to be put in place quickly, thereby stopping collection activities and most civil law suites.  The automatic stay will remain in force until lifted by the court or the case is dismissed.


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