Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mail Scam

From time to time, I run across a new for of fraudulent activity, otherwise known as a Scam, and when I do, I try to disseminate it by posting it here. I know this is not directly bankruptcy related, but any time I come across something that could end up costing one of my clients money, or their identity to be stolen, I consider it relevant.

Recently in Palm Beach, Lee County, Florida, the news media reported a scam involving the United States Postal Service. The report is as follows:

If you're planning on shipping holiday packages this season, beware. The Lee County Sheriff's Office wants to warn you about bogus emails claiming to be from the post office or other shipping companies.

Fraud specialist, Beth Schell, with the sheriff's office, says the emails contain false information about a package that could not be delivered.

How to tell it's not real?

"Some of the grammar and the spelling was incorrect. On the top it said USPS. But inside the label they forgot one of the 'S's," explained Schell.

Here's the most important thing: the USPS says it will never send an email regarding packages it cannot deliver. "Basically the consumer needs to be aware of receiving any emails they don't solicit with instructions to click," Schell said.

If you do click, it could activate a virus that can steal your personal information.

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