Thursday, August 22, 2013

Discount Jaguar Tickets is a public service announcement not bankruptcy related.  If you like it, please let me know.

"Where Can I Find Discount Jaguar Tickets?"

Are you ready for some Jaguars football?

As a bankruptcy attorney, and consumer advocate, I am always interested in helping others financially.  That means, in part, saving money. What does this have to do with bankruptcy or foreclosure defense?  NOTHING.  This is just good news.

I am a member of the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville, and as a fund raiser for Rotary District 6970, I am able to offer my clients and other friends discounted Jaguar tickets.



Although these tickets were made available to Rotarians, I am able to offer them to my clients and friends.  This is a fund raising effort continued from last year, with minor changes.  Now the tickets can be purchased online.

- A portion of every ticket purchased makes a donation to the Rotary Club.

- If offered a choice of Rotary Clubs when making your purchase, please select the Rotary Club of South Jacksonville.  This allows some of the proceeds to be returned to this particular Rotary Club (of which I am a member) for use in local community projects.

- Exclusive discounted ticket prices saving $15 off game day prices.

- No minimum number of tickets required for purchase.

- Available for all remaining 8 Home games.

- FREE Shipping or direct E-mailing on all orders.


- If you have a Jaguar season (or game) PREDICTION, please let me know by commenting below.

I was hesitant about putting this on my Blog because it is not Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Defense related.  If I should post more pages like this one, let me know and/or press the "Google +" button at the top of the page.

Thanks :)


  1. Regular season is 17 weeks, with week 9 scheduled to be a BYE week; that's 16 games. Prediction: 9-7.

  2. Don't Forget, Discount Tickets to Jaguar Home Opener, Sunday September 8, 2013. Chiefs vs Jaguars.

  3. This is awesome information. I deal with bankruptcy in Alberta quite a bit.