Monday, August 15, 2011

Number 1 Reason For Filing Bankruptcy, of Top 10

Wages About To Be Garnished, or Are Already Being Garnished.  When you think of Garnish, one normally thinks about taking something plan, sprucing it up, and making it delectable. In fact, a meal in a fancy restaurant isn't so fancy without being garnished with exotic flowers, artfully designed vegetables and fruits, and perhaps a bit shaved or grated item with some color; something to give it that wow factor.

But when one is in financial trouble, you won't be asking for "a little garnish please", as the meaning of garnish has a different meaning altogether. It means taking of something that belongs to you. It could be an item, such as a vehicle or jewelry, but most often, unfortunately, it probably refers to your bank account or wages. This is something that is guaranteed to get your attention faster than a fancy meal.

Pursuant to some federal laws, ones wages cannot be garnished by more than 25%, and that does not mean ones wages will be garnished for that amount. Is bankruptcy ever an option when one is looking at the possibility of having wages garnished? Yes. Then, is it also an option when one is already having their wages garnished? Absolutely. Will it always help? No, not necessarily.

While bankruptcy is a viable option to having wages garnished in most situations, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if your wages are being garnished because of being behind on child support, then bankruptcy might not directly help you, but could still eliminate other debts to make the paying of child support payments manageable. There are several exceptions to this general rule, and if you are having wages garnished, or anticipate having them garnished, you should call a local bankruptcy attorney to discern to what extent bankruptcy may help you.

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